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 Sorry Everyone

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PostSubject: Sorry Everyone   Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:24 pm

I'm really sorry everyone but i'm closing this project down. I guess i'm just not that good in running my own project and never have enough time. I'm also microphoneless and starting A-levels on thursday with a japanese course ontop so i will be very busy!

So yeah, when i get my new microphone i will be focusing on groups i'm part of and getting my lines in on time! If i have any spare time i will be doing my own group dubs on my youtube channel, so if you see any feel free to join!

Also, for the people that's left, i don't blame you's.. I took so long in the first place to do things and i'm also sorry this project didn't last long Sad

So yeah, i'm really really sorry and thanks for everyone that joined! You are all amazing singers and i wish i was as good as you all!

-Habi xx

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Sorry Everyone
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